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Visual Communications

Graphic Design, Interactive Media, Video, Photography, Web Design, and Illustration

PRINTED: Saturday 19th, January 2019 11:53:03 PM

Career Paths

The field of Visual Communications is constantly growing and changing.

Graphic designers generate ideas and rough sketches with a pencil, but use the computer for production and to generate digital effects. From typography, page layout, and image manipulation, to prepress production and digital printing, the computer has taken over the industry. Some traditional techniques such as illustration and hand-lettering will remain, due to their unique characteristics, but students entering the field must be fluent in the use of computers and graphics software to be in demand in the job market.

Current Chemeketa students have a powerful educational career planning tool available through their MyChemeketa account. The tab MyGamePlan leads to Career Exploration, where you can log into a statewide system of information about careers, including wages and job outlooks. Links take you to related occupations.

New media offer new job possibilities each year, with digital communications offering enormous growth potential. The future is open for those willing to be flexible and embrace new technologies and for those who are willing to work hard at the balance of creativity and technical skill.

Career Descriptions