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PRINTED: Saturday 19th, January 2019 10:43:59 PM

Between the lines: Erasmo Giron

Erasmo Giron

By Eric A. Howald for Chemeketa Voices (Original article)

May 2008

Erasmo Giron’s introduction to the visual communications program at Chemeketa Community College would have been daunting for anyone. It went something like this “It’s a tough program, but it’s worth it in the end.”

Giron, who had little experience in art aside from some drafting courses, was undeterred. Earlier this month he graduated from the program to the cheers of program director Christine Linder.

“Erasmo ‘gets it.’ He has an intuitive sense of design. He works extremely well with color. He’s smart, quiet and just does good, solid work. His work has a quiet humor in it, a bold sense of space and proportion,” said Linder.

In short, he’s come a long way.

“I was somewhat scared when I started at Chemeketa,” said Giron. “It was a new experience. I was worried about how I would do in terms of classes because I didn’t have an art background.”

Giron originally intended to follow in the footsteps of his older brother and study engineering, but discovered an affinity for web design in high school. It was the web design classes offered in the visual communications program that drew him in another direction.

Bella PalomaHe started slowly by building a strong foundation in typography and layout. After type and layout, he branched out to explore web design. Designing for print ended up being one of his strong suits and he quickly made a second home.

A supportive family and friends within the program helped him through any times of uncertainty.

“Family has been supportive and encouraged me to explore different careers, my dad, in particular,” said Giron. “And whenever I had a question in class, the other students were always willing to help. We collaborate and work together as a group.”

He also credits the program instructors in playing a huge part in his success.

“They’re friendly and professional and the classes are small, so you get a lot of one-on-one time with them,” he said.

Linder attributes a lot of his success to simple hard work and a desire to improve.

“He works hard, is always in class and although he takes a bus from Woodburn (to the Salem campus) he never lets that be an excuse for not being here,” said Linder.

She only wishes he were a bit more of a proud self-promoter.

“Erasmo should know how good he is. He’s very proud to have completed the program and should be, it’s very difficult and he has a very good portfolio,” said Linder.

Seems he might have heard that somewhere before.

(Giron is also contributed to the recently redesigned art program website.)