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Visual Communications

Graphic Design, Interactive Media, Video, Photography, Web Design, and Illustration

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Faculty & Staff

Peter Hoelter

Program Chair / Faculty | @hoelterp
Web Design, Digital Graphics, Print Production, and Business of Graphic Design
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Bret Malley

Photography, Photo Illustration, Digital Color, Print Production, and Interactive Media. Author of Advanced Compositing in Photoshop: Bringing the Impossible to Reality.

Wendy Riley

Graphic Design, Typography, Layout and Portfolio Preparation
You can find Wendy's work at

Julian Harkema

Instructional Specialist & Adjunct Faculty

Adobe Photoshop

Carson Brown

Adjunct Faculty
Adobe Illustrator

Kristen MacDonald

Adjunct Faculty

Adobe InDesign

Susanne Tringali

Adjunct Faculty
Graphic Design Literacy

Kelly James

Adjunct Faculty
Professional Photography Series
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Christian Bergmans

Adjunct Faculty
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Laura Lawn

Adjunct Faculty

Kel Ward

Adjunct Faculty
Kel Ward Photography »

J. Griffin Walker

Adjunct Faculty
Web Design

Noah Pfarr

Adjunct Faculty
Digital Illustration
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Ron Cox

Adjunct Faculty
Intro to Page Layout