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Part-time Faculty Openings in Visual Communications

June 3rd, 2014 by Peter Hoelter

Wanted: Design Instructors

The Visual Communications program at Chemeketa Community College has a number of part-time faculty positions open for the 2014-2015 academic year. There are openings for a Graphic Design instructor, Web Design instructor, and Illustration instructor. Teaching opportunities range from a single-term class to full-year in-depth sequences. Either way, you get to work with amazingly talented students in a newly-remodeled space.

Interested? Apply online through the Chemeketa HR Web site.

Click through for more information on each opening…

Open Position Pool Descriptions:

Graphic Design Instructor

This designer could teach a variety of required core classes in the program, depending on background and professional experience. These courses could include the graphic design series ART221: Icons and Symbols, ART222: Logo Design, and ART223: Package Design or the VC224/VC225/VC226 page layout and publication design series, or VC283 Business of Graphic Arts if the applicant has been on the business side of running a freelance or design studio.

All the design classes begin with concepts and sketches and build toward professional production in a digital format. Contact Christine Linder ( for more information.

Web Design Instructor

This is a part-time sabbatical replacement position. The instructor could teach a variety of classes in the program including VC235 Interface Design, VC 237/VC238/VC239 Web Design 1–3, or VC 272B Web Studio, a class for taking on live projects.

This instructor would need professional experience in web site design and development, including hand-coding of CSS3 and HTML5, responsive web design for both desktop and mobile sites, and extensive knowledge of Mac tools for web design. Working with students on a web site project from start to finish, and engaging them in thoughtful skill-building critiques is key in this position. They would also need core graphic design skills including typography, hierarchy and layout.

Contact Peter Hoelter ( for more information about these positions.

Illustration Instructor

We are looking for both traditional and digital illustrators. Traditional illustration is taught in fall, with digital illustration in winter. The right person could help VC build this into a series of more robust classes.

Both classes emphasize concept development and pencil sketches through final art and presentation. VC is looking for someone with the ability to demonstrate a variety of media and styles, as well as an illustrator with experience in working with a range of professional clients. Projects need to include simple black and white line art, as well as color media in support of written material. The digital class uses advanced Illustrator skills, often in combination with Photoshop. Contact Christine Linder ( for more information.