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Get graphic: Learn something new this fall!

July 24th, 2013 by Peter Hoelter

You do not need to be a Visual Communications student to enroll in these courses, but check the catalog for any course prerequisites. Enrollment is limited so that students may have maximum hands-on experience. For questions about these or other classes, contact Christine Linder at See the schedule timetable for additional information on how to register.


Get Your Hands Dirty!

Artwork by Jennae Reynosa

Intro to Illustration

ART 238 | 3 credits | Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30 – 5:20 pm

Learn the art visual storytelling. Illustration ART238 introduces a variety of traditional wet and dry media, including collage. Start with a manuscript and work through rough sketches to final art.  It is the perfect way to learn to adapt some of your art skills for use in freelance illustration.

Filmmaking Series

Documentary Filmmaking

FLM 265 | 3 credits | Tuesdays 6:00 – 9:50 pm

Portland filmmaker Christian Bergmans returns this year with a series of classes for everyone interested in making their own films. Documentary Filmmaking  FLM265 will be offered this fall. Students will work with camcorders and computer-based editing software to produce their own personal mini-documentaries in this entry-level course designed to explore filmmaking and professional production techniques. All levels welcome. Basic equipment provided. Tuesday evenings. Instructor: Christian Bergmans


Photography as a Profession

ART 2257 | 4 credits | Thursdays 6-9:50pm

Professional photographer Kelly James will teach a series of classes designed to take your photography to new levels. Classes will run on Thursday evenings through the year with additional studio opportunities to be announced later. Photography as a Profession ART257 will be offered this fall for the first time. Documentary Photography ART268 and Portrait Photography ART267 will be offered in winter and spring. Check out Kelly’s amazing work at

General Photography: Digital

ART 261D | 3 credits | Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-5:20pm

Learn to get more from your digital camera and inkjet printer. Covers camera controls, exposure methods, basic image adjustments and composition. Previous computer experience required. Instructor: Laura Lawn

Traditional Darkroom Photography

ART 261 | 4 credits

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00-11:50 am (Marty Giovaninni)

Mondays and Wednesday evenings 6:00-9:00 pm (Tom Carey)

Learn the art of traditional black and white photography from both an aesthetic and technical point of view in General Photography ART261. The class includes fundamental camera handling, exploring photographic techniques, learning proper darkroom procedure, and reviewing the history of photography through the eyes of contemporary photographers. Fully adjustable 35mm SLR film camera required. Morning and evening classes available. Tuesday and Thursday mornings: Marty Giovannini, instructor, or Monday and Wednesday evenings: Tom Carey, instructor

Photo by Frances Bermudes

Digital Photography 1

ART 265 | 4 credits | Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30-3:20pm

If you want to get beyond the basics in photography or if you are enrolled in the VC program, Digital Photography 1, ART265 is the class for you. This course requires the use of a digital SLR and includes advanced techniques and extensive color correction.

Design Software

Photoshop 1

VC 130 | 2 credits | Mondays 6-9pm or Online

Take your photos to the next level. This is an entry-level class for students with no previous experience in Photoshop. Previous computer experience required.

Projects Include: Photo Restoration, Color Correction, Digital Illustration, Compositing, Type Effects. Instructor: Julian Harkema

Flash 1

VC 135 | 2 credits | Online

Introduces the concepts and techniques of creating animation, sound and interactivity for Web sites. This is the last time VC 135 will be offered at Chemeketa. Prerequisite: Previous computer experience. Instructor: Heidi Shamberger

Dreamweaver 1

VC 134 | 2 credits| Online

This is an entry-level class for students with no previous experience in web design. It introduces the concepts and techniques of web design software. PC or Mac acceptable. Dreamweaver CS3-6 required on your home computer. Instructor: Heidi Shamberger

Illustrator 1

VC 139 | 2 credits | Tuesdays 6–9:50pm

Explore the possibilities of vector software, the language of Flash animation, digital illustration and logo design. This class will prepare you for advanced work in digital art and integrated media. Two credits. Instructor: Carson Brown