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Visual Communications: Twilight & Online in Spring

March 6th, 2013 by Peter Hoelter

Filmmaking, photography, and Illustrator headline the Visual Communications late afternoon, evening, and online classes this spring.

You do not need to be a VC program student to enroll in these courses, but some do have prerequisites.

All computer classes are on Macintosh platform. For more questions about these or other classes, contact Christine Linder at 503.399.6473. All courses listed meet for the full eleven-week term. See the schedule timetable for additional information on how to register for these classes.



Advanced Filmmaking

FLM 267 | 3 credits | Tuesdays 6–9:50pm

This course continues from FLM266 with a focus on advanced shooting and editing techniques. Email instructor if you have questions about your previous coursework and experience to see if this is the right class for you. Prerequisite: FLM265 & FLM266. Instructor: Christian Bergmans


Photo by Kelly James

Documentary Photography

ART 268 | 4 credits | Thursdays 6pm-9:50pm

This advanced course covers photographic concepts and aesthetics of documentary photography. Learn the art of storytelling through an edited series of effectively captioned images. Prerequisite: ART265. Instructor: Kelly James

General Photography: Digital

ART 261D | 3 credits | Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-4:50pm

Learn to get more from your digital camera and inkjet printer. This class will cover camera controls, exposure methods, basic color correction and composition. Previous computer experience is required. Instructor: Laura Lawn

Traditional Photography

ART 261 | 4 credits | Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00-10:50 am

In this era of new technology and many opinions about traditional film photography vs. digital, it may be a confusing choice. Consider this: digital photography is based on all of the techniques of traditional cameras, film and darkroom processing with the exception of replacing film with digital imaging. All of the training you experience and the techniques you learn will be a foundation for a better understanding of the emerging digital technology. Learn the many aspects of using cameras, exposing and processing film, making photographic prints, and preparing images for display. Learn composition, lighting, filters, flash and the use of accessories. Create a solid foundation for your photographic future! Instructor: Marty Giovaninni

Design Software

Photoshop 1

VC 130 | 2 credits | Mondays 6-8:50pm or Online

Take your photos to the next level. This is an entry-level class for students with no previous experience in Photoshop. Previous computer experience required. Projects Include: Photo Restoration, Color Correction, Digital Illustration, Compositing, Type Effects. Instructor: Julian Harkema

Adobe Illustrator 2

VC 140 | 2 credits | Tuesdays 6–8:50pm

VC140  Have fun, as you explore the advanced techniques of vector software.  Instructor: Carson Brown

Flash 1

VC 135 | 2 credits | Online

Entry-level class for students with no previous experience in Flash. Introduces the concepts and techniques of working with drawing tools, creating symbols, keyframes and tweening, adding sound and interactivity. PC or Mac acceptable. Flash CS5 or higher required on your home computer.  Instructor: Heidi Shamberger

Dreamweaver 1

VC 134 | 2 credits| Online

Entry-level class for students with no previous experience in web design. Introduces the concepts and techniques of web design software. PC or Mac acceptable. Dreamweaver CS5 or higher required on your home computer. Instructor: Heidi Shamberger